BSEE Report Issued After Crane Accident on Offshore Platform

by | Aug 4, 2023 | Offshore accidents, Personal Injury

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has released its investigation report following a March 21, 2023 incident on the Helmerich & Payne 204 platform rig located at Mississippi Canyon 809.  The platform is operated by Shell Offshore Inc.  At the time, a crew from H&P was performing crane operations.  During the incident, a worker was injured while trying to install a hydraulic line.

The BSEE report explains how a rigger involved in the lift was contacted by the load:

The H&P crane crew was removing a sling leg to make room for the riser and gate valve assembly when a rigger positioned himself between the basket they were working in and another adjacent basket to pull the sling leg out of the way.

As the upper end of the lifted assembly was lowered and while positioning the piping with the crane, the lower end closest to the rigger shifted, causing him to be caught between the pipe and the basket. Riggers called all stop to the Crane Operator and immediately pulled the tag lines so the riser and gate valve assembly would lift off the rigger.

The injured rigger was evaluated by the Shell medic, and then a helicopter was called to take the rigger to shore.  According to BSEE, the worker had a fracture to their lumbar spine, a traumatic hernia, and a pelvic muscle tear.

During the investigation, BSEE learned that there were policies and procedures in place which could have prevented his from occurring.  Despite a JSA that warned about the importance of having an escape route during a crane lift, the instructions were not followed.  The incident shows the importance of adequate job planning and safety meetings.

BSEE determined the incident’s probable cause:

Work Environment –

Congested workspace: the basket was placed in a position against other baskets and equipment so that an individual couldn’t work around the basket without being in a pinch point.

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