5 things to do after a car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2023 | Personal Injury

An auto accident can happen at any time. Thousands of people become victims of auto accidents every year, even drivers with a history of safe driving. An auto accident can be caused by aggression, negligence, drunkenness and distractions to name a few examples. 

The moments immediately after a car accident may be the most important for victims. First, victims should take it slow and remain calm. Then, victims may need to consider doing the following:

Get to safety

Many car accidents happen in the middle of traffic. The victim’s and the other driver’s cars may still be positioned in the middle of the road. If possible, these cars should be moved to the side of the road so that more accidents do not occur. 

Once the cars are out of the way or if the cars can’t move, then the car’s hazard lights should be turned on – this is especially helpful at night when other drivers may not see the cars. 

Call the police

It’s important to call the police to file a report of the accident. Some drivers may ask victims to not call the police, but it’s beneficial to do so. A police report is especially necessary if someone suffered injuries or death. 

Get a medical report

Victims of auto accidents may need to consider getting a medical report even if they don’t feel as if they’ve been injured. Some people who experience an adrenaline rush after an accident may not notice serious injuries. A medical report could be useful if a victim develops medical conditions after an accident. 

Take pictures

It can help to take pictures of the severity of an accident. Victims may need to take pictures of the damages to their vehicles and any injuries. Having a dash cam installed could also provide evidence of events that led to an accident. 

Seek compensation

Injuries and losses can cause victims to suffer for a long time. Victims may need to learn about their legal options when seeking compensation.