Recall: Hover-1 Helix Hoverboards Pose Fire Hazards

by | Dec 28, 2023 | Personal Injury, Product Recalls

DGL Group Ltd. has announced the recall of about 25,000 Hover-1 Helix hoverboards due to significant fire hazards. This recall, dated December 21, 2023, covers hoverboards in camouflage and galaxy colors with lithium-ion batteries capable of overheating, creating a fire risk. The affected hoverboards can have specific serial numbers, which include 15914, 19203, or 19988 as part of their six-code sequence.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns that these hoverboards pose a severe risk to users and bystanders. DGL has reported three incidents of the hoverboards catching fire. These fires led to five cases of people suffering from headaches, nausea, and coughs due to smoke inhalation. Additionally, property damage estimated at approximately $25,000 has been reported.

These hoverboards were sold online on platforms like and Consumers who have purchased these hoverboards are advised to stop using them immediately.

The recall, handled by DGL Group Ltd., based in Edison, New Jersey, and manufactured in China, highlights the ongoing issues with lithium-ion batteries in consumer electronics and the importance of rigorous safety standards and testing.

There have been a number of recent recalls in 2023, resulting in severe injuries and sometimes death.  On March 16, 2023, IKEA issued a recall for its LETTAN mirrors due to a significant hazard. Generac recalled eight models of generators due to overheating and fires.  Effective  September 29, 2023, Future Motion recently issued a recall of approximately 300,000 Onewheel Self-Balancing Electric Skateboards.  Halloween Candy recalls due to choking hazards.  On November 4, 2023, a recall was announced for Tyson nuggets breaded shaped chicken patties.

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