Camplux Issues Recall for Portable Tankless Water Heaters Due to Fire Hazard

by | Mar 13, 2024 | Personal Injury, Product Recalls

Camplux, a leading brand in outdoor and home appliances, has announced a recall for several portable tankless water heater models. 19 incidents of fire have been reported due to the Camplux water heater. If you or a loved one were injured by a Camplux water heater catching fire, finding legal counsel will ensure all your rights are upheld.

Which Camplux Models Were Effected?

This recall applies to the following models: AY132, BD158, BW211, BW264, and BW422. The potentially affected products were sold online through major retailers like and between June 2018 and December 2021, ranging in price from $160 to $400. Models include white, black, and silver.

What do you do if a Camplux water heater burns you?

Portable water heaters, while offering convenience and accessibility for hot water needs in various settings, carry inherent risks, including the potential for burns. These devices, designed to heat water quickly for outdoor activities, camping, or temporary setups, can become a hazard if not used according to manufacturer guidelines or due to product malfunction. The risk of burns primarily stems from direct contact with the device’s hot surfaces, exposure to scalding water, or steam release during operation.

One significant factor contributing to burn risks is the lack of stable infrastructure typically found in permanent installations. Portable heaters may be placed on uneven surfaces, increasing the likelihood of tipping over and causing hot water spillage. Furthermore, in outdoor environments, users might not have immediate access to cold water or medical supplies for first aid in the event of a burn, exacerbating the severity of injuries.

To mitigate the risk of burns associated with portable water heaters, it is crucial to adhere to safety precautions such as ensuring the device is placed on a stable, level surface and keeping it out of reach of children. Users should also familiarize themselves with the device’s operating instructions and temperature controls to prevent overheating. Regular maintenance and inspection of the heater for signs of wear and tear can prevent malfunctions that may lead to accidents. By taking these proactive steps, individuals can safely enjoy the benefits of portable water heaters while minimizing the risk of burns

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