Accident Caused by 18-Wheeler Tire in San Antonio, Texas

by | Apr 17, 2024 | Auto Accident

There was a crash involving a loose 18-wheeler tire in San Antonio, Texas on April 17, 2024. According to reports, there was an 18-wheeler tire dislodged in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10.  After the tire came off an 18-wheeler, a car made an evasive maneuver to avoid hitting it.  The car rolled over on the interstate as a result.  Additional details regarding the accident have not yet been released.

When an 18-wheeler loses a tire on the highway, it presents a significant hazard not only because of the size and weight of the tire but also due to the unexpected nature of such incidents. Large truck tires, known as semi-truck tires, are substantially heavier and larger than passenger vehicle tires, creating considerable obstacles when they come off during transit. For drivers in nearby lanes, the sudden appearance of a large tire rolling or bounding across the road leaves little time for reaction. The instinctive response is to swerve to avoid a collision with the tire, which can lead to more dangerous situations, including losing control of the vehicle, veering into other lanes, or even rolling over, especially at high speeds.

Trying to maneuver quickly to avoid a tire can result in the driver losing control of their car, which is a substantial risk in itself. This reaction can be particularly perilous on busy highways where space for evasive actions is limited. Sudden swerving often leads to secondary accidents, involving multiple vehicles. Drivers may find themselves either colliding with the barrier, entering the path of another vehicle, or overcorrecting, which can cause the vehicle to skid or flip. Such scenarios are hazardous not just for the vehicle directly behind the truck but for all surrounding traffic, potentially leading to multi-car pileups.

The reasons why a tire may come off an 18-wheeler are varied but often involve issues such as improper installation or poor maintenance. Lug nuts that have not been tightened sufficiently or have become loosened over time can lead to a wheel gradually working its way off as the vehicle is in motion. Additionally, failure to regularly inspect and maintain wheel bearings and axles can result in mechanical failures that ultimately cause the wheel assembly to detach. Regular maintenance and checks are crucial, as the vibration and stress on heavy trucks during long hauls can exacerbate any minor issues into serious risks.

The aftermath of such an incident can be prolonged and severe, impacting traffic flow and safety long after the initial event. The lost tire must be retrieved, which can be dangerous and require temporary road closures, causing further traffic delays. Additionally, any vehicles damaged in the process may need to be towed, and debris from collisions may need to be cleared. For these reasons, trucking companies and drivers must adhere strictly to maintenance schedules and load regulations to prevent such dangerous occurrences. Meanwhile, educating all drivers about the potential dangers and the best ways to react can help minimize risks and enhance safety on the roads.

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