BLACK+DECKER Model Easy Garment Steamers Recalled Again Due to Burn Risks

by | Apr 8, 2024 | Firm News, Product Recalls

Spectrum Brands Inc. announced a comprehensive recall expansion for all BLACK+DECKER Model HGS011 Easy Garment Steamers. This expansion encompasses steamers previously subjected to a November 2022 recall, which aimed to address serious safety concerns. Despite efforts to remedy the defects, continued reports of burn injuries demand additional action be taken to protect consumers.

Recall Expansion Details

The expanded recall affects the BLACK+DECKER Model HGS011 Easy Garment Steamers in various colors. These compact, handheld devices are designed for convenience but have posed unexpected dangers to users. Affected model numbers and their corresponding UPC codes are as follows:

– HGS011F: 0 50875 82840 7
– HGS011S: 0 50875 82839 1
– HGS011: 0 50875 82838 4
– HGS011T: 0 50875 00272 2

The affected BLACK+DECKER Easy Garment Steamers were available for purchase at major retailers, including Walmart, Target, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and online platforms. Priced between $14 and $23, these steamers were sold from June 2021 through February 2024, highlighting the broad impact of this recall.

Immediate Action Required

Owners of the recalled steamers are urged to stop use immediately to avoid the risk of burns. Empower Brands has shifted its remedy approach to offer a full refund to all affected consumers, acknowledging the severity of the issue. This includes individuals who previously received a replacement upper assembly in the initial recall phase. Customers should reach out directly to Empower Brands for a refund, providing proof of ownership.

Reported Incidents and Injuries

Since the initial recall in November 2022, Empower Brands has received 317 reports of expulsion of hot water from the devices. Disturbingly, 82 of these reports detailed burn injuries, including seven instances of second-degree burns. Notably, 94 reports were associated with units purportedly repaired or redesigned to mitigate these risks.

Handheld steamers, popular for their convenience and efficiency in removing wrinkles from clothing and household fabrics, also pose notable risks of injury to users. The primary hazard stems from the high-temperature steam these devices emit, capable of causing severe burns upon direct skin contact. Unlike traditional irons, steamers do not require contact with fabric to be effective, leading some users to underestimate the potential danger of the steam’s proximity to skin. Furthermore, accidental spills or leaks from the steamer can result in scalding injuries, particularly if the device is overfilled, improperly sealed, or if it malfunctions. These risks highlight the importance of handling steamers with care, understanding their operational guidelines, and recognizing the potential for immediate injury through misuse or equipment failure.

In addition to the risk of burns and scalds, handheld steamers can also contribute to electric shock injuries. This risk is elevated when the device is used near water sources or if the user’s hands are wet, creating a conducive environment for an electric shock if the steamer has any electrical defects or if the insulation on the power cord is damaged. Moreover, the risk is not limited to the user alone; bystanders, including pets and children, can also be at risk of injury from steam exposure or from tripping over the power cord, further emphasizing the need for vigilance and safe operation practices when using these devices.

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