Worker Injured in Industrial Accident in Morgan Township, Ohio

by | May 19, 2024 | Industrial Accident, Personal Injury

A worker was injured at the Dresnek Disposal facility in Morgan Township, Ohio on May 13, 2024.  According to reports, a worker was injured when his arm became caught in a conveyor belt.  Luckily, his co-workers were able to use an emergency shut off valve so he could be freed.  The injured worker was transported to a nearby hospital for care.  Additional details have not yet been released.  The incident remains under investigation.

Conveyor belts are essential components of many industrial workplaces, facilitating the efficient movement of materials and products. However, these powerful machines pose significant safety risks, particularly the danger of getting an arm caught in the conveyor belt. Understanding these risks and implementing stringent safety measures is crucial for protecting workers and maintaining a safe working environment. This article explores the specific hazards associated with conveyor belts and offers insights into effective preventative strategies.

One of the most severe risks associated with conveyor belts in industrial settings is the potential for a worker’s arm to get caught in the machinery. Conveyor belts operate with powerful motors and continuous motion, which can easily entangle clothing or body parts. When an arm becomes caught, the force of the belt can pull the limb into the rollers or gears, causing severe injuries such as fractures, lacerations, and even amputations. The speed and power of the conveyor belt can result in these injuries occurring in a matter of seconds, leaving little time for the worker to react or call for help.

Injuries from conveyor belts can have both immediate and long-term consequences. Immediately, a worker caught in a conveyor belt can suffer from intense pain, significant blood loss, and shock. These injuries often require emergency medical treatment and can lead to extended hospital stays and multiple surgeries. Long-term consequences may include permanent disability, loss of mobility, and chronic pain, which can affect a worker’s ability to perform their job and their overall quality of life. The emotional and financial impact on the worker and their family can be profound, highlighting the importance of effective safety measures.

To mitigate the risk of conveyor belt injuries, industrial workplaces must implement rigorous safety measures. One of the most effective strategies is installing physical guards and barriers around the conveyor belt to prevent accidental contact. These guards should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they remain effective. Additionally, incorporating emergency stop mechanisms that are easily accessible can provide a quick way to halt the conveyor belt in case of an emergency. Regular training sessions for workers on the dangers of conveyor belts and safe operating procedures are essential to ensure that all employees are aware of the risks and know how to avoid them.

Implementing effective safety measures, conducting regular maintenance, and providing comprehensive training can help mitigate these risks and protect workers. If you or a loved one has been injured in a conveyor belt accident, seeking legal advice is crucial to understand your rights and pursue compensation. Contact our experienced personal injury lawyers today to discuss your case and ensure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve

There have been a number of incidents at industrial and manufacturing plants.  There was an explosion at the Royal Chemical Company Plant in Macedonia, Ohio on May 15, 2024.  Three people were injured from an explosion at a Florida Power and Light power plant in Indiantown, Florida on May 16, 2024.  A worker was killed in an accident involving a trash compactor at a UPS facility in Dallas, Texas  on May 16, 2024.  There was a fire and explosion at the Advantek salt water disposal plant in Westhoff, Texas on May 17, 2024.

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