MV El Faro Sinking

The MV El Faro, a 735-foot cargo ship owned by TOTE, Inc., a New Jersey-based company, and operated by Sea Star Line, LLC, disappeared on October 1, 2015. At the time of its disappearance, the ship had 33 crew members on board, including 28 Americans. It is now known that the ship sank and the crew perished after navigating into Hurricane Joaquin off the coast of Crooked Island, Bahamas. The M/V El Faro departed Jacksonville, Florida, on September 29, 2015, en-route to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Prior to setting sail, the vessel’s operator was aware that Tropical Storm Joaquin posed a threat. Three hours prior to the El Faro’s ill-advised departure, the U.S. National Hurricane Center issued a warning about the likelihood of Joaquin becoming a full-blown hurricane. Despite knowing this, the MV El Faro‘s crew was ordered to sail on a path that would take it straight into Hurricane Joaquin. It is also believed that the M/V El Faro suffered a catastrophic mechanical problem that caused it to lose all propulsion, thus rendering the MVEl Faro disabled and at the mercy of the sea.

Search efforts by the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy have regrettably been unsuccessful in finding survivors.

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