Crew on Noble Globetrotter II Stranded in Gulf of Mexico during Hurricane Ida

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Maritime Law, Offshore accidents, Personal Injury

There are new reports that crew members on board Noble’s Globetrotter II drill ship are stranded in the Gulf of Mexico following Hurricane Ida.  Over the past week, countless oil and offshore companies made the decision to evacuate personnel for safety concerns.  Wells were shut-in, and preparations made to evacuate offshore workers in the face of the violent storm.  Winds in excess of 100 mph were reported, and significant damage was done to Louisiana when the storm hit.

According to crew members who remain on board the Globetrotter II, they were forced to ride out Hurricane Ida in the Gulf of Mexico.  Although they believed evacuations would occur,  this never happened.  The ship faced winds of 150mph and 80 foot waves for hours during the storm.  According to a crew member the vessel almost capsized multiple times, and even had water go on board.  Photographs from the vessel provided to news outlets show equipment on the vessel that is leaning or overturned from the turbulent storm.  Multiple crew members were injured during the storm.

Failing to evacuate non-essential personnel in the face of a weather event results in hazards to hard-working offshore workers.  Companies cannot simply look the other way and hope that workers are ok.  Safe companies prepare for weather events, including evacuation of all non-essential personnel.

The Noble Globetrotter II is a drill ship built in 2012.  The vessel is currently under contract with Shell.  Workers on board believed the two companies would evacuate the workers, but this never occurred.

Safe offshore and maritime companies must make plans ahead of time when severe weather is expected.  In the days leading up to a powerful storm like Hurricane Ida, non-essential personnel should be evacuated for their own safety.  Platforms and wells must also be prepared for the severe weather.  Failing to adequately prepare for the high winds and wave conditions beforehand can result in tragedy.

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