Coronavirus Outbreak on Container Ship ROME EXPRESS

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Maritime Law, Personal Injury

There have been reports of an outbreak of COVID-19 on the container ship ROME EXPRESS.  At least three crew members are believed to have been evacuated due to a need for medical treatment.  At the time, the vessel is believed to have made an emergency stop in Ensenada, Mexico to allow their evacuation.  The vessel was en route from Cartagena, Columbia to Busan, South Korea.  At least two other crew members remain under quarantine on the vessel.

There have been other incidents involving COVID-19 outbreaks on a vessel. There was an outbreak of COVID-19 on the chemical tanker ship BOW SUMMER.  One crew member is believed to have died from the disease on October 18, 2021.

Safe maritime companies must take precautions in order to ensure the safety of their crew members.  When ship operators fail to consider the risks of a disease outbreak on their vessels, dangerous incidents can result.  This not only puts the lives of hardworking seamen at risk, but can also endanger members of the public.  During a global pandemic such as this one, safe companies MUST provide necessary medical treatment for their crew members, as well as implement adequate safety protocols and measures regarding COVID-19 on the vessel.  One of the most crucial periods is during crew changes when new individuals are boarding the vessel.

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