Construction Worker Crushed by Excavator in Pace, Florida

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Construction Accident, Wrongful Death

There was a deadly accident at a construction site in Pace, Florida on August 2, 2022.  According to reports, the victim was crushed by a piece of heavy equipment at the site, an excavator.  It is unclear what led to the accident at this time.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the victim.

Tragically, there have been a number of recent deaths on construction projects.  Two workers were killed in a trench collapse in St. Paul, Minnesota on June 17, 2022.  Two workers lost their lives in a trench collapse at a site in Jarrell, Texas on June 28, 2022.  A worker was struck by a bulldozer at a construction site in Clinton Township, Michigan on July 15, 2022.  A worker fell from scaffolding and landed on a metal stake in the ground a construction site in Palmyra, Wisconsin on July 20, 2022.  A worker was crushed by heavy pipes at a construction site in New Haven, New York on July 26, 2022

Despite being a vital part of the economy, construction projects often pose severe hazards both to construction workers and to the general public if precautions are not taken.  Each construction project poses its own unique risks and hazards based on the work being done.  Risks that may present themselves during a project must be carefully evaluated before the job begins.

OSHA has provided guidance as to how to minimize risks of falling from scaffolding.  OSHA has published safety standards which can provide guidance to construction companies in how to safely work at heights.  Statistics illustrate the high number of scaffolding accidents:

Although specific accident ratios cannot be projected for the estimated 3.6 million construction workers currently covered by subpart L, the Economic Analysis that accompanies this final rule estimates that, of the 510,500 injuries and illnesses that occur in the construction industry annually, 9,750 are related to scaffolds. In addition, of the estimated 924 occupational fatalities occurring annually, at least 79 are associated with work on scaffolds.

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