Helicopter Crash in Gulf of Mexico

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Aviation Accident, Offshore accidents

There was a helicopter crash near Terrebonne Bay, Louisiana on December 15, 2022.  According to reports, a Bell 206 helicopter crashed roughly 30 miles off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico.  The helicopter was en route to an offshore oil platform at the time of the crash.  It is believed the helicopter was trying to land on the platform when it crashed into the Gulf of Mexico.  There were three people on board at the time.  All three were able to escape the helicopter and board a life raft.  The helicopter was operated by Rotorcraft Leasing Company.  Rescue operations are being conducted by the United States Coast Guard.  The accident remains under investigation.

The crash comes less than two months after a Bell 407 Helicopter operated by Westwind Helicopter crashed in the Gulf of Mexico on October 26, 2022.  In that crash, one person was killed and two were rescued by an offshore crewboat from a liferaft.  Shortly after that crash, the NTSB recommended the immediate inspection of all Bell 407 Helicopters.

There have been a number of recent helicopter crashes across the country.    There was a helicopter crash in Sarasota County, Florida on October 27, 2022.  There was a helicopter crash in Iona, Florida on October 8, 2022.  A Bell 206B helicopter crashed in a residential neighborhood in Fresno, California on October 1, 2022.  A Robinson R44 helicopter crashed in Charlotte, North Carolina on November 22, 2022.  A MD 500 helicopter crashed in Durango, Colorado on November 23, 2022.  There was a midair collision involving two helicopters in San Diego, California on November 23, 2022.

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