Injuries from Defective E-cigarettes and Vaping Devices

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Firm News

The use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices has skyrocketed in recent years. However, reports of explosions and fires resulting in severe injuries have raised concerns about their safety.

Common injuries from e-cigarette explosions include burns, facial trauma, and dental damage. Victims of these incidents may be eligible to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer or retailer.

The FDA has provided guidance in how to minimize risks if you decide to use an e-cigarette or vaping device:

  • Make sure you read and understand the manufacturer’s recommendations for use and care of your device. If your vape did not come with instructions or you have questions, contact the manufacturer.
  • Only use batteries recommended for your device. Don’t mix different brands of batteries, don’t use batteries with different charge levels, and don’t use old and new batteries together.
  • Charge your vape on a clean, flat surface, away from anything that can easily catch fire and someplace you can clearly see it—not a couch or pillow where it may more easily overheat or get turned on accidentally.
  • Protect your vape from extreme temperatures by not leaving it in direct sunlight or in your car on a hot summer day or freezing cold night, and do not charge it in extreme temperatures.
  • Don’t vape around flammable gasses or liquids, such as oxygen, propane, or gasoline.
  • Dispose of vapes and e-liquids safely to reduce dangers to human health and environment.

Product liability cases involving e-cigarettes can be complex, as they often involve proving a design, manufacturing, or marketing defect. A skilled personal injury attorney with experience in e-cigarette litigation is essential when seeking compensation for injuries sustained from defective vaping devices.  For those who have experienced an explosion of their device the FDA provides a website to report incidents.

Spagnoletti Law Firm has attorneys licensed in Texas, Florida, and New York.  We have handled numerous cases involving complex litigation in both federal and state court across the country.  Our attorneys have the skills needed to aggressively represent the families of loved ones who have lost their lives or those who have been seriously injured as a result of the use of a e-cigarette.

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