Injured in an Amtrak Train Accident?

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Firm News, Train Accident

The complexities of navigating Amtrak accident claims highlight the importance of seeking attorneys experienced in railroad accidents. An attorney knowledgeable about the specific regulations governing railroads, including Amtrak, can provide valuable assistance in pursuing a claim. They can help victims and their families understand their rights, the applicable laws, and the potential for compensation under the limitations set by federal statutes.

Legislation has established a fixed cap on the compensation Amtrak is obligated to pay for any individual incident. Under the provisions of 49 U.S.C.A. § 28103 and the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (known as the “FAST Act“), the total liability for tort claims stemming from a singular event is restricted, regardless of the total number of individuals affected or the extent of their damages.

Moreover, an attorney can assist in gathering the necessary evidence to build a strong case, whether it involves proving negligence on the part of the train operator, defects in railway infrastructure, or failures in safety measures and protocols. Given the challenges posed by the cap on damages and the intricacies of federal regulations, having an experienced attorney can make a significant difference in achieving a fair and just outcome for those affected by Amtrak derailments and other railway accidents.

Spagnoletti Law Firm has attorneys licensed in Texas, Florida, New Mexico and New York.  We have previously handled multiple cases involving train accidents.  Our attorneys have the experience and the skills needed to aggressively represent the families of loved ones who have lost their lives or been seriously injured in an accident involving a train or commercial vehicle.  The experienced accident attorneys at Spagnoletti Law Firm can help you understand your rights if you or a loved one was involved in an accident involving a train. Please contact us online or call 713-804-9306 or 877-678-5864 to learn more about your legal rights.