BSEE Issues Report Following Offshore Crane Incident

by | Aug 24, 2023 | Offshore accidents

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has released its investigation report following a June 2, 2023 incident on the High Island A 382 F facility.  The platform is operated by Apache Corporation.  During the incident, the crane boom made contact with the boom stop, resulting in damage to the crane.

The BSEE report documents the incident:

The investigation revealed, after the Rigger unhooked the personnel basket, he gave the standard hand signal to lower the fast line, hold the ball level, and raise the boom at the same time to the Crane Operator. The Crane Operator was focusing on booming up and holding the ball level, and heard a loud bang. The Crane Operator immediately let go of control leavers after realizing that the loud bang was the load block that swung into the crane boom, due to the boom being raised too high of an angle. The crane boom cords had contacted the boom stops, resulting in dents on the boom cords. The Crane Operator immediately shut the crane down, informed the Crane Mechanic, and the crane was taken out of service.

The investigation also determined potential violations of regulations that contributed to this incident:

G 110 (C) Lessee failed to ensure all JSA’s are properly filled out and signed.

G 132 (W) Lessee failed to report Crane incident properly as required by Notice to Lessee

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