Deadly Electrocution Accident in Cincinnati, Ohio

by | Sep 22, 2023 | Industrial Accident, Wrongful Death

In a tragic incident highlighting the inherent dangers of working on power lines, 29-year-old Charles Stewart lost his life while working on utility lines in Sayler Park, Cincinnati, on July 20, 2023. Stewart, an employee with the Bowlin Group, was contracted by Duke Energy. This tragic event demonstrates the urgent need for strict adherence to safety protocols prescribed by authorities such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which imposes stringent guidelines to ensure worker safety around electrical installations.

This tragic accident is a reminder of the hazards associated with power line work, which demand caution and compliance with safety regulations. OSHA outlines safety measures under the Electrical Safety Work Practices policy to mitigate risks, including de-energizing electric parts before working near them and maintaining a safe working distance from overhead power lines.

Government resources like the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) actively promote powerline safety in the workplace through various initiatives. As they note on their website if a vehicle or object contacts a power line or utility pole:
• Consider all lines to be live and dangerous;
• Tell others not to approach the vehicle, downed lines, or anything that may be in contact with downed lines;
• Warn others to stay at least 35 feet away;
• Stay in place or inside your vehicle unless you see fire or smoke;
• Call 911.

It is incumbent upon employers to rigorously implement and adhere to these safety standards to safeguard the lives of workers like Stewart.  As we mourn this tragic loss, it serves as a call to action to reinforce safety protocols, leaning on regulatory guidelines to foster a safer working environment for power line workers. Our deepest sympathies lie with Stewart’s family as we echo the call for reinforced adherence to safety norms in this high-risk profession.

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