Generac Announces Generator Recall Due to Fire and Burn Risks

by | Sep 22, 2023 | Civil litigation, Personal Injury

After 27 incidents of generators overheating and expelling fuel, and 3 severe burns, Generac has recalled 8 models of generators. Generac Power Systems, a generator manufacturer based in Wisconsin, has sounded the alarm bells, urging consumers to cease using the affected generators immediately.

Owners of the recalled generators are encouraged to contact Generac to obtain a repair kit. It’s important to mention that the delivery of the repair kit may take six to eight weeks. This recall was organized in close coordination with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, underscoring its significance and the concerted efforts to uphold consumer safety. The recalled models include:

  • G0057341
  • G0057342
  • 005734R1
  • 005734R2
  • G0057351
  • G0057352
  • 005735R1
  • 005735R

This isn’t Generac’s first run-in with safety concerns. Earlier in May, the Consumer Product Safety Commission revealed that Generac accepted a $15.8 million civil penalty, acknowledging its lapse in swiftly reporting a defect concerning 32 portable generator models. The defect was severe enough to risk crushing or partially amputating users’ fingers.

The escalating sales trajectory of portable and permanent generators in recent years—fueled by growing anxieties surrounding power grid reliability, climate change adversities, and pandemic-induced uncertainties—paints a concerning picture. While these machines are indispensable during power outages, their safe operation is paramount. Experts warn against using generators indoors or partially enclosed vicinities to circumvent dangerous scenarios such as carbon monoxide poisoning and fire outbreaks. The recall of Generac Portable Generators is a stark reminder of the critical role safety regulations play in averting potential hazards, thereby safeguarding the well-being of consumers.

There have been a number of recent recalls in 2023, resulting in severe injuries and sometimes death. On February 1, 2023, there was a recall for EzriCare Artificial Tears.  On May 10, 2023, there was a recall for Medtronic’s implantable cardiac device.  On May 11, 2023 there was recall issued for Peloton bikes. A May 12, 2023 there was a recall of General Motors vehicles with ARC airbag inflators. On June 16, 2023 Ford issued a recall for a hybrid battery defect in Ford Fusions.

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