Deadly Building Collapse in Boise, Idaho

| Feb 2, 2024 | Construction Accident, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

There was a construction accident in Boise, Idaho on January 31, 2024.  According to reports, a private hangar that was under construction at the Boise airport collapsed.  Three workers were killed and at least nine others were injured.  Some of the workers were believed to have been on an elevated hoist at the time of the collapse.  This deadly accident remains under investigation.

The risk of a building collapse during a construction project is a significant concern that encompasses various factors, including structural failures, substandard materials, and inadequate safety practices. Structural failures can arise from flawed design, where the structural integrity does not meet the required standards to support the building’s load, leading to a catastrophic collapse. Additionally, the use of substandard materials compromises the strength and durability of the construction, increasing the likelihood of a collapse. These materials may not withstand the stresses placed upon them during construction or the intended lifespan of the building.  Inadequate safety practices, such as failing to adhere to building codes and regulations or neglecting proper inspection and maintenance routines, can also precipitate a building collapse. This underscores the importance of rigorous quality control, adherence to safety standards, and continuous monitoring throughout the construction process.

Human error, including mistakes in calculation, construction errors, or oversight during the planning and execution phases, further exacerbates this risk. These factors highlight the necessity for a comprehensive risk assessment and management strategy, incorporating state-of-the-art design principles, quality assurance measures, and the implementation of best practices in construction safety to mitigate the risk of collapse and ensure the structural integrity of the building throughout its construction and intended lifespan.

Tragically, there have been a number of recent deaths on construction projects.  Fourteen people were hospitalized after being exposed to carbon monoxide in New Haven, Connecticut on January 17, 2024.  A worker fell from a ladder in Charlestown, Rhode Island on January 23, 2024.  A boom truck tipped over in an accident in El Paso, Texas on January 26, 2024.  Three workers were burned in an explosion while cutting a pipe in Travis County, Texas on January 30, 2024.

Despite being a vital part of the economy, construction projects often pose severe hazards both to construction workers and to the general public if precautions are not taken.  Each construction project poses its own unique risks and hazards based on the work being done.  Risks that may present themselves during a project must be carefully evaluated before the job begins.

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