Explosion at Distribution Plant in Clinton Township, Michigan

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Industrial Accident, Wrongful Death

There was an explosion and fire at the Select Distributors Plant in Clinton Township, Michigan on March 4, 2024.  It is believed the explosions were caused by either CO2 or propane tanks located in the plant.  The plant is located in an industrial area, and is reported to manufacture various knicknacks.  The explosion was so severe that it launched debris into the air, some of which went as far as a quarter mile from the plant.  One person, a bystander, is believed to have been killed as a result of a launched projectile.  The cause of the explosion remains undetermined at this time.

During a plant explosion, the dangers extend far beyond the immediate blast zone, with debris and materials becoming lethal projectiles that can cause widespread damage and injury. The violent force of an explosion propels objects at high velocities, turning ordinary materials like metal parts, tools, and even structural components into dangerous projectiles. These flying objects can strike with enough force to penetrate buildings, vehicles, and, most critically, harm individuals who are in the vicinity. The threat of projectiles is exacerbated by the unpredictable nature of explosions, where the direction and velocity of flying debris are difficult to anticipate, leaving little to no time for individuals to seek cover. This aspect of plant explosions poses a significant risk to both workers within the facility and bystandans in surrounding areas, amplifying the potential for casualties and severe injuries, including lacerations, blunt force trauma, and impalement.

Furthermore, the aftermath of a plant explosion involving the projection of debris and materials raises substantial concerns about secondary accidents and long-term hazards. Sharp fragments and unstable structures can create treacherous conditions for rescue and recovery efforts, endangering first responders and delaying critical assistance to victims. Additionally, the dispersion of hazardous materials and chemicals can pose serious health risks, contaminating air, water, and soil. Such environmental contamination not only affects immediate recovery operations but also has the potential to cause long-term health issues for the local population, complicating the disaster’s impact. Addressing the threats posed by projectiles and debris in the wake of a plant explosion requires rigorous safety protocols, emergency preparedness, and effective response strategies to mitigate these risks and protect both individuals and the environment from their devastating effects.

There have been a number of incidents at industrial and manufacturing plants.  There was a gas pipeline explosion in Beaver County, Oklahoma on January 30, 2024. There was an accident at an oil pumping station in Cass County, Michigan on February 4, 2024.  There was a fire at the Phillips 66 refinery in Billings, Montana on February 9, 2024.  There was a deadly electrocution accident in Spartanburg, South Carolina on February 14, 2024.

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