Fire on Container Ship MSC KATRINA

by | Sep 12, 2021 | Maritime Law

There was a fire on the container ship MSC KATRINA on September 9, 2021.  At the time the vessel was off the coast of South Africa en route Durban.  It is unclear if any crew members were injured in the fire.  The vessel is operated by MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co.  The registered owner is Potty Holdings SA.

There have been a number of recent incidents involving vessels.  During Hurricane Ida, Noble failed to evacuate crew members from the Noble Globetrotter II.  There was an explosion on the bulk carrier ZILOS on August 31, 2021.  A crew member on the fishing ship Moon Glow fell overboard late on September 2, 2021.  Three workers inhaled poisonous gas while on board the livestock carrier FM SPIRIDON on September 3, 2021.  A crew member on the product tanker MELIGUNIS M was killed by a broken mooring line on September 7, 2021.  There was a fire on the bulk carrier AN CHANG while the vessel was in Rotterdam, Netherlands on September 8, 2021.  A recreational vessel capsized in Franklin County, Washington on September 9, 2021.

Safe maritime companies must perform regular maintenance and inspections in order to ensure the safety of their crew members.  When ship operators fail to conduct regular maintenance and inspection of the equipment on their vessels, dangerous incidents can result.  This not only puts the lives of hardworking seamen at risk, but can also endanger members of the public.

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